iCalamus – Desktop Publishing for Mac

iCalamus is suitable for professional publisher, a desktop publishing for mac that make the layout page more beautiful

Start a career by creating a small businesses in publishing or printing, iCalamus is suitable to serve as your partner, a desktop publishing for mac that offers many options for creating an awesome page layout and deserves to be published. Insert a bitmap image into a page with iCalamus is not a big problem, because iCalamus can support all image formats that has supported by Mac OS X, you can import any images from digital cameras, scanner devices, or iPhoto library. With iCalamus you can edit all elements in the document, and allows you to edit objects or single vector points in an open frame and also work on other frames at the same time.

iCalamus - desktop publishing for mac

iCalamus – desktop publishing for mac

iCalamus has been equipped with a layer  system, which you can use to make an element group in a single layer and separate from the other element, It can facilitate you in managing every element in the page, you can create a lot of layers with no limit number, and it would be easy to move between the layers, making the layer visible and invisible can be done with a single click, add, move and delete layers is no big deal, because with iCalamus you can do it very quickly. iCalamus can make very well organized text, lets you to adjust the parameters of text such as font type, font size, font color, font style, etc. This is a desktop publishing for mac that allows you to work with CMYK or RGB color mode.

iCalamus is perfect for creating everything related to publishing, such as, Poster, Magazine, newspaper, book, brochure, photo books, calendars etc. iCalamus able to import the text in any format that has supported by Mac OS X, including the PDF document until the full-page website. Also Equipped with a very comprehensive tools to assist you in processing of design and layout of page. After you complete the entire design and layout, you can simply print it in any printer, or you are given the option to export into PDF documents format, like PDF encryption, PDF-X and PDF fax. iCalamus is a desktop publishing for mac and the best solution for professional publishers who use computers with Mac OS X environment, And many more other features in iCalamus that can help you to create pages that are ready for publication.

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