Fontographer – Font Creator App for Mac OS X

Fontographer is an easy way to create our own fonts or editing existing fonts, Fontographer is a professional font creator for mac

If you have the good sense of art, try to make your own font and share with your friends if necessary. there are too much downloadable fonts scattered on the internet site, but often does not make you feel satisfied, there are little things that sometimes disturbing combination of font with the graphic or layout that you create. To overcome such a thing, you have to customize an existing font or create a new custom font. Fontographer can you make as partners in designing and creating a new font type or edit existing ones, is not too difficult to create a new types font using Fontographer, but in need of a good sense of art to produce a nice font.

Fontographer - font creator for mac

Fontographer – font creator for mac

If You think to transform your handwriting into TrueType or OpenType fonts that can be used on both PC and Mac, Fontographer is amazing font creator for mac and can do it with easy, try to write each character in a white paper, then scanned using the scanner device, and then save it into bitmap image format, and import the bitmap images that containing your handwriting into Fontographer and let Fontographer to perform autotracing ( which of course you can to customize ), after tracing is complete you can re-edit your handwriting that has been seen in the Fontographer editor window, if you think is enough, save it your handwriting that has been through the editing process into TrueType or OpenType format in order to work on many OS platform.

If creating a new font from scratch is too difficult, try to edit and customize the existing fonts, find the fonts that applies GPL license, so you can edit it without any restriction. Fontographer can open and save files in VFB format, which allows you to exchange work files with the other font creator for mac, such as TypeTool, ScanFont and FontLab. The tools that has provided in Fontographer is very complete and allows you to create a new font that is very professional.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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