ProjectDesktops – Desktop Manager for Mac OS X

have a lot of project files on the desktop ? let’s manage with ProjectDesktops, A desktop manager for mac that will make your desktop more well-organized

To further facilitate access to a project file, we will choose the desktop as a temporary place to store project files, rather than having to open the finder to access the project files on the subfolder, but if your project lasts long enough, of course many project files on the desktop will intrudes the beauty of your mac desktop and looks a little messed up, something else that caused us to frequently save files in the desktop is when extracting a compressed file like ZIP, RAR, ets, we want the quickest access to the files of extraction results and of course your mac desktop is an option to store temporary files.

ProjectDesktops - desktop manager for mac

ProjectDesktops – desktop manager for mac

Without us knowing,the mac desktop will be more chaotic with the number of files scattered on the desktop, to assist you in managing the desktop, ProjectDesktops is the right desktop manager for mac, ProjectDesktops allows you to have a lot of desktop environments for the different purpose, it’s not like Mission Control that have been built-in with the Mac OS X as their default desktop manager, which is only able to switch the desktop environment and create a new desktop environment as well as over the management of application window, but with the same desktop clutter, which means each icon, shortcut, and project files will remain shown on each desktop environment.

With ProjectDesktops, you will easy to switch between the desktop environment or create a new desktop environment, but with the project files, shortcut and the icon that is not included, so you can create a new desktop environment that contains all related files to the project that you do with this desktop manager for mac, and let the main desktop stays clean from your project files. Create a desktop environment as much as you want, such as work desktop environment, personal desktop environment, Entertainment desktop environment, all of which is a different desktop, and also with different content, files, shortcut and the icon, you can also apply the different desktop background into any desktop environment.

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