MacJournal – Journal Software for Mac OS X

have creativity in writing, MacJournal is suitable for you, save all the stories, memories and events in the one of the best journal software for mac.

You have traveled to the most beautiful places in the world, do not let the memories go away, write down every step of your journey on MacJournal, add photos, files, videos and even audio into it, and make your journal more attractive, create categories and sub categories of your own and save a story and journals into relevant categories, so you have created a very good journal management, and will make you easier to find the past journal entries. Nothing is difficult to use MacJournal, simply prepare your content and writing creativity that can create an atmosphere that can bring you back to the event as you read in the journal.

MacJournal - journal software for mac

MacJournal – journal software for mac

The last version of MacJournal is version 6, which has added some improvements and features, such as adding a calendar that can allow you to search and look back at journal entries based on the date you wrote. In addition, also added geolocation to mark the event location in the journal entry. Not only facebook that have implemented Time-line mode, but also to MacJournal has been added in version 6, so you can track the activity of  journal writing based on the time-line. This is journal software for mac that perfect as a standalone personal blog and journaling for your Mac OS X.

This is journal software for mac that allow you to do the formatting into every paragraph and text you write, and very likely make it a book for publishing. If you think the journal that you write is not private, you can instantly share your journals with your friends directly from MacJournal to the online blog service, like Blogger, WordPress, Posterus, Livejournal, and tumblr, if the journals that  you write are private, and to make sure your journal entries is stay safe, MacJournal has set two security level, by applying password protection and AES-256 encryption.

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