Savings – Personal Accounting Software for Mac

Savings software is simple, fast and clean personal accounting software for mac that will keep track of your money

Do you know where the money goes ?, not just a large companies that can apply accounting to manage their financial, but also you, do not let you dont know where your money goes every month, let’s track using Savings software. Start by planning for your future, and manage your money very well, record each transaction in detail, as well as manage bills and upcoming transactions to avoid penalties when a delay in payment of bills, With Savings software you can add and track all accounts, including bank accounts, credit cards, cash, in order to stay in control.

Savings - personal accounting software for mac

Savings – personal accounting software for mac

Create a category for each different type of transaction in order to facilitate you in managing the financial, such as to browse the transactions of categories in a certain period of time, store the transaction according to the account that you use, if you pay the bill using a credit card, then save your transactions in a credit card folder, this will assist you to keep track the financial of you. with a one click you can see a trend graph that shows the overall balance of financial, include cost and revenue. Another point of this personal accounting software for mac is capable of working with the currency of any country.

With Savings software you can create a realistic budget for the future, based on the records of each transaction history and totals of income, so you know how much your savings at the end of the year. Anytime you can see your personal finance statement for a period time,  just a few clicks you’ll know where your income came from and where your money goes, if you want to know the transaction for the past, you can find it again by using the search feature, this personal accounting software for mac will make your life better and more appreciate the money.

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