uFlysoft Data Recovery – Data Recovery Software for Mac

Recover your lost Data with uFlysoft Data Recovery, one of the best data recovery software for mac

uFlysoft Data Recovery can recover lost data in any format, including images, photos, music, video, email, database, Mp3, text, etc. When files or folders are not accessible or has been deleted, try to get back the necessary data or files that contained therein, not only on the Mac hard drive, but also uFlysoft Data Recovery can recover data on a variety of portable devices such as USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards, Digital Camera, iPod, Mp3 player, MP4 player and mobile phone, just plug your device into the Mac by a data cable and lets uFlysoft data Recovery to scan your lost data on the device or hard drives and wait for the best result, you can preview the data of uFlysoft data Recovery scanned result, to choose which you really need before actually restored, the preview feature is supports for image files and documents.

uFlysoft Data Recovery - data recovery software for mac

uFlysoft Data Recovery – data recovery software for mac

uFlysoft Data Recovery does not require a complicated process, just a few clicks, you’ll get back lost data, This data recovery software for mac has supports for multiple disk format system, including FAT, FAT16, FAT32, HFSX, HFS + and NTFS . With the support for NTFS, allows you to be able to recover the boot camp partition that installed the microsoft windows operating system inside it, uFlysoft Data Recovery equipped with RAW recovery mode, that able to recover any data on your hard drive, although it takes more time and names of the recovered files may not be original. Any deleted, formatted or inaccessible Disk on Mac, can be easily recoverable with uFlysoft Data Recovery.

With uFlysoft Data Recovery you can restrict and filter the file types to be scanned and restored, this makes the process of scanning the lost data more faster, because it does not need to scan all types of files that exist. and this will help you to find the target file you are looking for faster. uFlysoft Data Recovery provides Pause and restart features when scanning process. that may be you need at a time and a particular case. This data recovery software for mac is safe enough to recover lost data without writing to your original data. You can download for free the trial version of uFlysoft Data Recovery to try his abilities.

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  • V Courtice

    I was a Microsoft user and have an external hard drive 2/3 full of jpg photos, mp3 wma music, xls, doc files – a mix of work and play over the last 25 yrs – total about 26 GB

    I just bought a Mac and tried to download these files on to my MacBook Air.Unfortunately I did not realise I had intiated the Mac programme Time Machine.

    A few – less than ten files were downloaded. The rest have disappeared – I get nothing when I hook up via USB to my Microsoft Laptop. Which recovery machine do I need to buy and in to which sytem Mac or Microsoft do I connect it?? (I don’t want to spend $84 on the wrong programme.!! HELP

  • V Courtice

    site is extinct since jan 12

  • Alex Kerr


    I bought a license thinking I could do a search for particular file type (FileMaker). The searching software did not allow for searches by file type, except by prearranged folders, which did not include the file type I needed.

    Contacting customer service, I was told to recover all files, move to a new location, then search there. That was not an elegant solution and nevertheless failed to work.

    Realizing this limitation and never having used the software to restore any files, I requested a refund. Rather than understand my situation or trust me, they denied my request for a refund saying they could not tell whether a customer had used our software or not.

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