Nicecast – Broadcast your Mac as Internet Radio Station

Make your Mac for Internet radio station and broadcast your music to all over the world.

Has a large collection of music in your iTunes library, let your friends and people around the world come to enjoy and listen to your music collection, it is very easy simply by creating your own internet radio station, and you can instantly share music on iTunes library with friends throughout the world. Nicecast is an application that allows you to broadcast your audio or music via the internet, so your friends can directly listening to your music collection of iTunes Library that you have through the internet. You simply prepare the music playlist to be played, and let Nicecast to broadcast your music that currently played  to over all the world.

Nicecast - Make your Mac for Internet radio station

Nicecast – Make your Mac for Internet radio station

Perform broadcast like a professional radio DJs, plug the microphone into the Mac and start shout out about a topic, and do not forget to add and play a song as back sound, so that the listener is more comfortable to listen your shout. With Nicecast you can also broadcast live shows and events directly from the venue, use the Macbook for mobile activities and broadcast live from the place, or bring your mac CPU if it’s possible, Nicecast comes with Listener Stats feature that allows you to instantly see the listener statistic your internet radio. Save broadcast files into MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless or AIFF files to play them back at any time,  is very useful to re-broadcast to your listener about the events that have been passed.

Nicecast works and is compatible with a hundreds of VST and Audio unit plugins, so you can apply audio effects into the broadcast, Nicecast can also integrate with DJay, which is one of the main dj program for mac, and allows you to mix music and create a beat which is broadcast throughout the world via the internet . Equipped with a quality setting that allows you to be able to determine-quality audio for each broadcast channel, choose the best quality for a good sound, and select low quality to support more listeners. Listeners can enjoy shows and music that you play in your Internet radio station by using any MP3 player software and internet connection are sufficient.

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