HDCleanUp – Mac OS X Disk Cleanup Software

HDCleanUp is a mac disk cleanup software That will guide you to clean up your disk from variety of junk files.

Your Disk is almost full and you want to get more Disk space, let HDCleanUp to scan and clean a junk files that might make your disk is getting full and will give you a list of files that may not be useful and you can directly to delete it, HDCleanUp bring the best features to guide you in each side the disk cleaning of your mac from a variety of useless files, the features that including is, uninstall Application, Apps Duplicate, Duplicate files, Emppty files, Crash and logs files, Empty folders, large zip files, zip contents list, cache files, HFS + Compression and more, all you need to clean the disk is available in one mac disk cleanup software that called HDCleanUp.

HDCleanUp - mac disk cleanup software

HDCleanUp – mac disk cleanup software

You will not need a lot of individual tools, because HDCleanUp has brought all the best to clean up your Mac Disk. such as Application uninstall feature, that has included in the HDCleanUp, so you do not need to be confused to uninstall programs on mac manually, or installing uninstall software on your mac, it also Duplicate files features that make you do not need the duplicate file finder software which individual installed on your mac, the other features is Cache files that allow you to delete the cache files on your disk, and make your Mac disks have more space, makes you don’t need an application of cache cleaner for Mac installed individually, simply by HDCleanUp you get it all. This is all in one mac disk cleanup app.

HDCleanUp can scan and find empty folders and empty files that contained on your Mac disk, and give you the results, to give you further actions such as delete it or keep it. the ability of HDCleanUp is not only there, HDCleanUp can also find a duplicate applications, where you will find an application that has been out of date or older versions and you have forgot to delete. Want to see the contents of compressed files (ZIP) without extracting first ? stay cool, HDCleanUp can do it with easy, when you are really  don’t need it, drag directly the ZIP Files into the Trash. And many more features that you can find on this mac disk cleanup software, which can certainly cleaning your mac Disk from junk files, and make you have more Disk space.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 27, 2013

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