NotesTab – Notes App for Mac

Looking  notes app for mac that easy to use ?, get NotesTab pro it’s perfect for you.

Discard the features that are useless, complicated and rarely used, making it very simple and easy to use, you will not find a complex configuration, simply write notes and important information will you need each time, and let your important notes remain in the view, simply by clicking NotesTab button on your mac menu bar, and you will immediately see the notes and important information that you have written in NotesTab. Very simple, practical and with beautiful design, make NotesTab as the notes app for mac that perfect for accompaniment when you working on mac.

NotesTab - notes app for mac

NotesTab – notes app for mac

Unlike the other note taking app for mac, which only store and view the plain text, with NotesTab you can do the formatting of text, by adding a range of text styling to make your notes more life, such as underline, italic and bold, can also add images into your notes, just simply drag and drop images into the notes, with NotesTab you are also given the discretion to determine the size and default font to be used for your important notes. This is notes app for Mac that is able to synchronize with the Dropbox cloud service, giving you easy way to sync between your Mac’s.

NotesTab will not let you miss a note or important information from view, just use the search feature to find the notes on last month. Whether your note is a brilliant idea or date of event which can be shared with your friends, share notes or information with your friends more easily, because NotesTab has been equipped with ‘Share note ” feature which allows you to send notes via email are directly from the NotesTab through email client that installed on your mac. NotesTab available in two versions that you can choose, NotesTab (free) and NotesTab Pro (commercial), between them has only a slight difference, the NotesTab you can use it for free but with the ads, and also some features that were lifted out, in the NotesTab Pro you’ll get all the superior features offered by these notes app for mac.

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Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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