MOAppsRecipes – Recipe Software for Mac

Have many delicious recipes for cooking every day ?, MOAppsRecipes is recipe software for mac the best way to keep your delicious recipes.

Get delicious recipes from the internet, magazines, or maybe from your common ancestor? do not let the delicious recipes you lost from your sight, sometimes you forget when going to cook with a recipe that you get from a variety of media, saving a delicious recipes is very fun,you do not need to memorize the recipes that have you’ve got, and you can share with friends, neighbors or family. MOAppsRecipes is right for you to store and manage the delicious recipes that you have, and save it in detail, such as adding pictures, rating, cost, source, and various notes such as cooking time spent for a recipes, the difficulty level cooking recipes, ethnic recipes, cooking methods and ingredients used for cooking a recipes.

MOAppsRecipes - recipe software for mac

MOAppsRecipes - recipe software for mac

MOAppsRecipes has been equipped with an excellent recipe manager, you can easy to add your own recipes category, and fill each category with delicious recipes that you have, you need to know MOAppsRecipes is not a recipe software for mac that provides many delicious recipes that are ready for you to cook, MOAppsRecipes an application such as a book that allows you to store and manage your delicious recipes and leave the old-fashioned way by writing down the recipes in a diary.

You can print the recipes through MOAppsRecipes and share with a friend, neighbor or family, you are also given the option to export the recipes into a PDF document format, which allows you to share via e-mail or uploaded into file sharing servers. This recipe software for mac has a search feature, which allows you to find a delicious recipes which that you have add into MOAppsRecipes in a snap. MOAppsRecipes can works on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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