Lion Cache Cleaner – Free Mac cleaning software

hey folks, the Lion Cache Cleaner is a great and powerful Free Mac cleaning software that’s must be you try

Although the software is using the name ‘LION’ but the fact that Lion Cache Cleaner can function properly and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 up to 10.7.4, so you do not have to worry if it’s still using Mac OS X Leopard or Mac OS X Snow Leopard, you can enjoy the benefits and the best features of the Lion Cache Cleaner. A mac cleaning software that can help you to access a wide selection of maintenance and utility tools, with Lion Cache Cleaner your Mac will remain in good performance and will be running smoothly, even if you forget to do the routine maintenance to your Mac, because the Lion Cache Cleaner has equipped with the automation of tasks that can work anytime as you have specified.

Lion Cache Cleaner - Free Mac cleaning software

Lion Cache Cleaner - Free Mac cleaning software

Lion Cache Cleaner is a shareware that allows you to be able to use it for free but there are some limitations, Which certainly will not affect the performance of Lion Cache Cleaner itself, that is the emergence of reminders screen at startup and shutdown, but I think it’s not disturbing enough, so you can keep the performance of your Mac with Lion Cache Cleaner without disturbed with the reminder. Although Lion Cache Cleaner is a free mac cleaning software but has an excellent ability to clean up your Mac from a variety of junk files, the Lion Cache Cleaner also able to repair and optimize your Mac OS X to be able to work harder, such as the Repair disk permissions, Repair Software Update Permissions, Repair root directory Mac OS X, Repair key system preference files automatically, and more.

One of which free mac cleaning software that provides a very complete  tool and includes optimization of the various sides of mac os x itself, the optimization it consists of, Optimize Internet settings and renew DHCP lease, Optimize, flush, and restart the lookup daemon, Optimize file cache, Optimize free memory and inactive memory, Optimize files, Optimize performance by creating and using RAM disks, Optimize performance by automatically prioritizing applications, and many more. As a mac cleaning software, do not forget the Lion Cache Cleaner combines with the main features as a cleaner, some cleaning that can be done by Lion Cache Cleaner is, system cache cleaning options, Clean unneeded code from Universal Binaries, Clean “.DS_Store” window settings files, Clean damaged preference files, Clean and rebuild Spotlight metadata, Clean Internet browser caches, Clean archived system logs, Clean Login Items removing duplicate or orphaned items, Clean Virtual Memory swapfiles, Clean rootkits with chkrootkit, Clean malware by Using ClamAV to automatically scan downloads,

An interesting feature that is its integration with ClamAV Antivirus to clean the virus in your mac, and keep your Mac clean from viruses, so you will not need other antivirus for mac anymore or install ClamAV for Mac separately, and many more features that will you get on the Lion Cache Cleaner, and you’ll get all the maintenance and cleaning tools for your Mac with one free mac cleaning software, Clean, repair, rebuild, optimize, costumize, test, get everything in one pack.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 27, 2013

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