QRSight – QR Code reader for mac

QRSight is an easy way to read the QR code from your Mac, This QR Code reader for mac is very simple and easy to use. Currently QR code is very popular and replace the function of the Barcode because the ability and flexibility, QR which is the stands for Quick response is a type of matrix code two-dimensional developed by Denso Wave, and published in 1994 in Japan, Qr code has gained Japan national and international certificates, QR codes are very popular in Japan, almost all types of mobile phones in Japan can read QR codes because most of the entrepreneurs there have chosen QR code as an additional tool in the promotion of its products, both engaged in commerce or in the services sector. QR codes are generally used to impart information of a company website address.

QRSight - QR Code reader for mac

QRSight - QR Code reader for mac

QR Code serves as physical hyperlinks that can store addresses and URLs, phone numbers, text and text that can be used in magazines, daily mail, advertising, on the bus signs, business cards or other media. QRSight has a unique ability, which is capable of reading QR Code using FaceTime or iSight camera in your mac. You simply exposes QR code to your Mac FaceTime or iSight camera, and QRSight will automatically displays the contents of QR code. With This QR Code reader for mac you can also read QR code from the internet browser when opening a website page that provides QR code direct by dragging QR code into the QRSight window.

If you have the QR Code in the image file on your local hard drive, do it the same way when reading the QR Code on a website page, that is by dragging it directly into QRSight window. This QR code reader for mac is running in the status bar, so you will be faster in scanning the QR code, simply click on the icon in the status bar and you can simply scan the QR Code. QRSight can works on Mac OS X 10.6 or later with 64-bit processors.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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