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perform a daily Backup will be very handy for the security of your Data from the various possibilities which can cause your data do not could be used or corrupt, However sometimes you are too lazy or forget to perform a daily backup, you are require a software which can assist you to perform daily backup automatically, so no more forget or lazy to do a backup your data every day for the sake of safety the data that you store on your Mac hard drive,  one of the main software that can help you to perform a daily backup automatically is Sync folders Pro, This a Mac folder sync software that allows you to be able to synchronize between the folders on your Mac. Sync Folders Pro is suitable for automatic data backup of your Mac hard drive into a USB drive, memory cards, remote computers on your network, or on the same hard drive.

mac sync folders - Mac folder sync software

Sync folders Pro - Mac folder sync software

Sync Folders Pro provides a free version that you can use at no license fee, but of course with various restrictions in the operation. In the Sync Folders Pro you can synchronize multiple folders at once in the same time, this feature will not you get in the free version of Sync Folders, to perform a synchronization between the networks, you will need a VPN Server, so you can perform sync folder from anywhere in the world. There are 6 sync mode that you can apply into the Sync Folders Pro in performing their task, with this Mac Folder sync software, you can set the scheduled synchronization at any time, so do not worry if you forget to perform a backup, because Sync Folders Pro will do it automatically,

You can also select for real-time synchronization, the Sync Folders Pro allows you to synchronize the contents changes in the folders that already you specify at a real-time. You can filter the different types of Files to be included in the backup process or exclude it, this Mac folder sync software will not disturb your work, because the Sync Folders Pro work in the background, for those of you who’ve got enough spare time you can choose to synchronize a folder manually, but if you are forgetful or a busy person, may let folders Sync Pro to synchronize folders automatically is a wise choice. Sync Folders Pro can works on Mac OS X 10.7 with a 64-bit processors.

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Date: December 28, 2013

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