iProcrastinate – Mac Task Manager Software

Do not let the job overlap, so you have to solve many tasks within a narrow time, get used to the task on time so that you may be more disciplined, manage daily tasks is actually very easy if you have been accustomed to do, but it is very difficult if you are in the habit lazy and delay the job, you need a tool or software that can force you to perform a task that you should be doing at that time. One of the tools or software that you might need is iProcrastinate, this is a Mac task manager software that can help you with the todo list, you can add the task schedule to do at any given time, iProcrastinate will help you be more productive, because it indirectly iProcrastinate can stimulate you to perform tasks that should be done at the time.

task manager on mac - Mac task manager software

iProcrastinate - Mac task manager software

You can record any task into iProcrastinate, and not hard to do because iProcrastinate has a graphic user interface is very simple but powerful, project tasks, work tasks, chores, and other kinds, there is no limit what tasks you can record into iProcrastinate, you just mark the date on the calendar and add your scheduled task detail and give the execution time starting when needed, as the Mac task manager software, iProcrastinate provide the best features in the management of your tasks, such as the provision of the star into the list of tasks that you think are important or have higher priorities to be done, and anytime you can quickly see a list of tasks that starred.

Automatically schedule your task list will appear in the group “Due today” if your Task schedule have entered the execution day, as well as the folder “upcoming” if your scheduled task that have been added into the iProcrastinate has the execution time will come, the movement that is automatically performed by this task manager for mac, is a appropriate date and time of processing tasks that you have specify when adding a scheduled task into the calendar. This Mac Task manager software can synchronize with the iPhone, via iProcrastinate for iPhone that you can download in the iOS App store, or you can sync via the internet by using Cloud services from Dropbox. you can download iProcrastinate for free, iProcrastinate can works on 10.6 or later.

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Date: December 28, 2013

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