Moroshka File Manager – File Manager for Mac

Moroshka File Manager is a file manager for mac that has a good ability to manage your files, who knows how many folders and files on your Mac hard drive, sometimes it makes you upset when has to find a file or a document among multiple folders and files on your mac hard drives, maybe not a difficult thing if you know a little clue about the document or file you are looking for, but sometimes you forget and do not have the slightest clue about the document or file you are looking for. To avoid problems like the above, try to manage files on your mac hard drive, sort and filter by category or folder. To browse your files, mac os x has been providing finder as a explorer for file, but sometimes the finder is not enough to help you in exploring and managing files on your mac.

Moroshka File Manager - file manager for mac

Moroshka File Manager - file manager for mac

Moroshka File Manager provides functionality that is not owned by the Finder, and you certainly will make it easier to manage each file. Moroshka File Manager is equipped with two window pane that allows you to explore and manage files in your mac hard drive easily. Graphic user interface is elegant and easy to use, allowing Moroshka File Manager can work very fast in managing your files. This File manager for Mac allows you to operate only with the keyboard, yes Moroshka File Manager has been integrated with the keyboard that will be faster to manage your files. also Equipped with 7zip engine, to the various needs of archiving files on your Mac hard drive.

Supported by the FTP protocol that has been included in the Moroshka File Manager, allowing you to transfer files to FTP server with more quickly and directly from Moroshka File Manager while you managing a files. So you will not need another FTP program for Mac, because Moroshka File Manager has provide one for you. This File manager for mac has a little resemblance to the web browser made ​​by google is google chrome, ie the availability of multi tabbed features with an interface similar to the google chrome internet browser. Moroshka File Manager equipped with File previews feature that allows you to directly view the Images,Videos and audio files. Moroshka File Manager can works on Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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