Web Based Powerpoint Presentation Viewer for Mac OS X

viewing powerpoint files on Mac OS X is easy if we have one of the main software bundle that is included in Microsoft Office, you can not get a license to use of Microsoft PowerPoint software only, because PowerPoint is a bundle software, to be able to use Microsoft powerpoint you have to pay for a license the use of Microsoft office bundle, but of course you will have the all the software included, such as Microsoft word, Microsoft excel and other, Microsoft office is a software bundle for office productivity, Microsoft office is very popular, even though microsoft office was developed by rival of Apple that is Microsoft, but the fact the Microsoft office is available for Mac users.

powerpoint viewer for mac - mac powerpoint viewer

powerpoint viewer for mac - web based mac powerpoint viewer

There are some services that you can use as a powerpoint viewer for mac, one of which is Google docs, the services was provided free of charge by google is able to view a powerpoint file even if you do not have the Microsoft Powerpoint software installed on your Mac, but to use Google docs you must be connected to the internet, because Google docs has not provide a standalone installation for Computer with any platform. You simply register a google account and instantly you can get the Google Docs feature. You simply upload a powerpoint file into google docs, and you can simply view it, or if the powerpoint file is located on another website or in email attachment, you can simply open it directly in your internet browser.

Other services is provided by Microsoft, the service also requires an internet network connection to use it, you can access this service on http://www.officelive.com, the services was provided by Microsoft is you can use free of charge, you simply register as users of Live.com email service, and automatically you will get the access to the Microsoft web app that provides the web based office app. The two services was provided by Microsoft and google can you make as an alternative as a powerpoint viewer for mac, if you do not have the PowerPoint software installed on your Mac.

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