TrashMe – Uninstalling Software on Mac

how to uninstall software on a mac ? is a frequently asked question by new users of Mac OS, many Mac users who previously was the Microsoft Windows operating system users, it may be the habit in the Microsoft Windows operating system, the confusion that occurs when using the Mac OS, because they are can not find the feature to uninstall the software has been installed on the Mac OS, unlike the Microsoft windows operating system that has provided a default feature that allows you to uninstall the software that was installed until clean and no leaves related files. In Mac OS you are only given the option to uninstall the software that has been installed by moving it into the Trash, but this is can not remove until clean the related files that included into the software that you uninstall.

TrashMe - uninstall software on mac

TrashMe - uninstall software on mac

To help you uninstall software on a mac with the following related files, you can use third-party software such as TrashMe. With TrashMe you can easily to uninstall software on mac with the following related files are included. You can manually remove the related files software under system folder, but to find the related files is does not easy, you will be faced with a variety of obstacles to select related files, delete the wrong files under system folder will cause  your Mac OS X Hangs, crashes, or error, With TrashME it can be done automatically and prevent you from deleting the important files. TrashMe will scan all related files with the software that you are going to uninstall.

Simply by dragging the software you are going to uninstall into the TrashMe main window, and let it TrashME to scan the related files that you need to remove, With TrashMe make uninstall software on a mac would be easier and faster, no leaving a junk files on your Mac OS X. in addition Useful to uninstall software on a mac,TrashMe also have the ability to cleanup the Mac OS X caches, force empty the Trash and Choose to delete particular files in the Trash. TrashMe already available in several local languages​​, including Danish, German, Italian, Russian, etc. TrashMe can works on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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