Sidenote – Note Taking App for Mac

Sidenote is a note taking app for mac that is quite easy to make important notes visible on your Mac desktop. Sidenote can easily display any important notes at any time, and hide it when you already know what you should do. Sidenote is not like note taking app for mac as usual, sidenote worked like a mac widget that any time can you view and hide it in snap, sidenote position in the top layer of your Mac desktop background and you can adjust to be able to display in the right or left according to your wishes, also you can adjust the capacity of the background, adjust the length and width of a sidenote, font format, and provide a higlight color on selected notes.

Sidenote - note taking app for mac

Sidenote - note taking app for mac

To create a new note with a sidenote, you simply by clicking the plus button on the sidenote window, you can also edit an existing note, simply double click on a note that you want to edit. Any notes that you have made ​​will be included a dates on the same when you make a note. sidenote is a note taking app for mac that is very simple and uncomplicated, and very efficiently without a lot of preferences and settings. Simply install, add notes and done. All your information is right there, like a sticky note, but better.

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