StatPlus:mac – Alternative to Data Analysis Toolpak for Mac

For you who have been using Microsoft office excel for mac, probably you ever find an add-on feature that is useful as Analysis ToolPak in Microsoft Office Excel for Mac, but the feature is only available in Microsoft Office Excel 2004 for Mac and Microsoft have removed the feature in the next release of Microsoft office excel for Mac, including Microsoft office excel 2008 for Mac and Microsoft office excel for Mac 2011. But the functionality is almost the same as the Analysis ToolPak in Microsoft Excel for Mac, can you get on StatPlus:mac, the add-on is also recommended by Microsoft as a replacement module of data analysis ToolPak for mac. StatPlus: mac compatible with Microsoft excel for Mac 2004/2008/2011.

excel analysis toolpak mac -  data analysis toolpak for mac

StatPlus:mac - replacement for data analysis toolpak for mac

As a replacement module of Data Analysis ToolPak for mac, StatPlus:mac have a pretty good ability in analytical and statistical purposes, even StatPlus:mac have a different advantage features compared with the data analysis ToolPak for mac. With StatPlus:mac you can make Microsoft Excel for serious data management and statistical analysis tasks. Statistical features that are available in add-on  replacement for Data Analysis ToolPak for mac is, Basic Statistics, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Data Classification, Design of Experiments (DOE), Nonparametric Statistics, Regression Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Survival Analysis, Power Analysis and Sample Size (PASS), data Processing and Statistical Charts. There is a wide selection of settings and adjustments for any statistical feature on StatPlus: mac, allowing you to see the analysis of data from various mode.

StatPlus: mac provides the free version, but only with some statistical data features have been removed from StatPlus:mac commercial version, but the important features still included in the free version to be used. To use StatPlus:mac, of course you must already have the Microsoft Office Excel for Mac installed on your Mac. Because StatPlus:mac is just an add-on and can not work independently. But even if just an add-on, StatPlus:mac is a very powerful analytical and statistical tool as a replacement data analysis toolpak on mac.

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