Art Text 2 – Logo Maker for Mac

Art Text 2 is not just a logo maker for Mac, but it is an easy way to convert text into art and creating a logo, you can easily create a unique logo with ease with the support of complete library. In addition to creating a logo, Art Text 2 is capable of creating a Button and icon design for the website. Art Text 2 is also supported by the layer-based feature for managing each graphic that allows you to combine multiple components to produce a professional design.

Art Text 2 - logo maker for Mac

Art Text 2 - logo maker for Mac

Art Text 2 has a library package over of 360 templates that you can customize for a variety of needs, such as headings, buttons, icons and logos. Although Art Text 2 is not specialize in a logo maker for Mac, but Art Text 2 is powerful enough to create a logo design for corporate or personal, comes with a library of more than 6v00 vector icons and shapes, which can help you when need a quick solution to create an unique logo design. Various materials effects have been included into Art Text 2, such as metal, galss, plastic and more, there are some material parameters and adjustments that you can apply into the design to get what you want.

There are also more than 190 texture in Art Text 2, which can you  apply into the text or shape, you can also insert your own image as a texture. Art Text 2 can add a gradient, stroke, and shadow to text and shapes, make the logo that you create more impressive. Art Text 2 is suitable for use as a logo maker for mac for users who prefer the speed and efficiency in designing a logo, Because with Art Text 2  you do not need to learn a lot about graphic design to create a logo. Art Text 2 available in Lite version who can be used for free, Art Text 2 can work on Mac OS X10.6.6 or later.

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