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How do to download youtube videos to your mac, so the video can be played offline using a video player for Mac compatible. When you load a web page that containing a streaming video like Youtube, the browser software will automatically perform a caching process and store the cache files on your Mac hard drive. But actually it was not known by some of Mac user, if you play any video on youtube is automatically stored in the Mac hard drive, you can find a cache video files in the browser software cache folder you are currently using. But to find a video cache files are not as easy as you think, because the video cache files naming is automatic and come together with many other cache files, you are only given the option to try to select the files one by one with a reasonable size with a video that has you playing on youtube, and then change the file extension to mp4 to be played by quicktime or another video player for mac.

DamnVid - youtube downloader for mac

DamnVid - youtube downloader for mac

To make you easy in downloading a youtube video and not complicated by the above techniques try to use the software that can act like youtube downloader for mac, not much a similar software that compatible for mac, but there is still that you can use, such DamnVid, With DamnVid you can easily to download youtube video into your Mac, DamnVid also do the conversion automatically for each video that you download to make it more compatible with the device that you have a such as PSP and iPod. DamnVid also allows you to convert video that you download into high definition video. In addition to automatically convert into a video format, DamnVid able to convert youtube videos into MP3 audio format.

beside that this youtube downloader for mac is an open source project that allows you to use it for free or help the development of DamnVid. Beside can be used on Mac OS X, DamnVid also compatible for Microsoft Windows and Linux Ubuntu. Besides being able to download video from youtube, DamnVid can also download streaming video from various video sharing sites like Dailymotion, Veoh, Metacafe, and more. You simply paste the url streaming video by clicking on the “add url” button or you can also use the search box that are available on DamnVid to find videos on youtube. and let DamnVid download it and convert it for you.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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