A Petition for Apple.inc “We Want a New MacPro”

A petition from a Mac Pro users that have questioned about the continued a development of the Mac Pro by Apple.inc. The petition was made in a facebook page with titled “We Want a New MacPro“, it is known who started this petition is a Professional editor and graphic animator named Lou Borella from the NYC area. And this is Direct questions of Lou Borella to Apple.inc

”  Can you please let us know what your plans are?
Is the MacPro officially dead?
Are you going to license OSX to another hardware manufacturer to build powerful desktops?
You have the best OS on the market. Please let us put it to good use!!! “

currently Apple.inc being focused on the development of their portable gadgets such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. And unknown when does Apple.inc will release a new series of Mac Pro. With the latest technology of professionals software such as graphic editor and animation software will certainly require a higher hardware requirements, while the user of the Mac Pro can not do the upgrade their hardware ( except memory ). And depends only on Apple.inc to wait for the latest release of Mac Pro.

Although I am not Mac pro users, but are you worried about the Apple device that you use today such as the Mac Book or Mac book Air, which may also suffer the same fate with the Mac Pro, and Apple.inc prefer to focus with their portable gadgets such as iPad, iPod and iPhone. Until now Apple.inc not yet or will never release a Mac OS license for using on other hardware. Until now, the petition for apple.inc that issued by Lou Borella on facebook page have 6.515 likes.

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