Bento – Database Software for Mac

The easiest way to manage all your personal databases, With Bento you can manage any kind of information that you have. No matter what type of information you have, you can easily put it into this database software for mac. Do not let the information that you have scattered, making it difficult for you to look for it some day. With Bento you can enter any information including contacts, customers, projects, events, products for sale, equipment, inventory, digital media, expenses, website logins, membership lists, notes, expenses, to-do lists, and more.

Bento - database software for mac

Bento - database software for mac

Bento can integrate with iPhoto that allows you to link your bento with iPhoto and lets you track virtually unlimited information about your multimedia files and photos. Bento has 35 pre-designed templates that you can use to manage any information you have. With bento You can manage your customer information, so you no longer need to use contact management software separately, because Bento already own it, you also do not need to install a project management software Since Bento has provided for you, with bento you also will not require planning software because Bento included therein. Bento is all-in-one database software for mac.

You can store any database information into bento with Safe because bento has implementing a secure password, you can share your database through a local area network for up to 5 Bento users. Bento allows you to sync with apple related products, including the iPad and iPhone. You can get a bento for the iPad and iPhone separately. On the version 4, this database software for mac is more simple and easy to use and with the addition of a variety of other useful features. Bento can works on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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