Fontcase – Mac font manager

Determine the font that appropriate with design is required a broad imagination and creativity skill that’s very good, a lot of fonts that installed on your Mac, sometimes makes you confused to choose some fonts that will be used in a design, Typography is something that looks very simple but in reality it is very difficult, not every graphic designer has an broad imagination and creativity skill in creating a typography. To help you determine the font to be used in a design, try to manage your fonts well so easy for you to determine a font to be used, one of the main Mac font manager software is Fontcase.

Fontcase - Mac font manager

Fontcase - Mac font manager

Fontcase has an excellent ability to manage and preview your fonts, you can see and compare multiple fonts directly, very efficient to determine the best combination of fonts that you have. This Mac font manager software has many ways to preview your fonts, including the header and Glyphs. To facilitate you in searching for an appropriate font, you can give Tags into any fonts that you add into Fontcase. This Mac font manager software provides the viewer that is available in iOS platforms, including iPhone.

Fontcase has a graphic user interface is very simple and clean, let’s Fontcase faster to displaying a huge collection of your fonts, now you can easily to compare between Helvetica family fonts in one window. Fontcase would be helpful for graphic designers are often difficult to determine the font to be used for design. This Mac font manager software can works on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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