VirtualBox – Mac OS X Virtual Machine

VirtualBox is a mac os x virtual machine software that allows you to be able to install various operating systems on your Mac, such as Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu Linux. No need reboot to switch between operating system, because VirtualBox works on your Mac OS X, Simply run your VirtualBox program and select the operating system that you have installed on VirtualBox to run it. You do not need additional hardware to install an operating system with VirtualBox, the operating system that are running on VirtualBox, can be used fully, using techniques such as virtualization is very simple and efficient, although it will consume lots of CPU resources, because the operating system running on Mac OS X, different with using multiboot techniques on Mac that allow the operating system to run independently, but the multiboot technique on a Mac will take time to configure it and also require a reboot to switch between operating systems.

VirtualBox - mac os x virtual machine

VirtualBox - mac os x virtual machine

VirtualBox is developed by Oracle, and is an open-source project, and you can get a free copy of VirtualBox, VirtualBox is also available for other operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Linux. With VirtualBox you can run Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, and Linux on your Mac OS X. You can specify the CPU resource to be allocated for virtual machine that has the operating system, such as RAM and hard drive space. You will be easy to create a virtual machine with VirtualBox, since this mac os x virtual machine software equipped with a wizard that can guide you to create a virtual machine on mac os x.

You can save the last session of operating system used that installed in VirtualBox, when you will close the operating system in VirtualBox you can save the last session before you exit by using the Snapshot feature, and you can re-open the last session that you have saved at any time, you can find Various adjustments and setting on VirtualBox to meet the needs of machine virtualization on your Mac OS X. This mac os x virtual machine software can works on Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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