FlightGear – Flight Simulator App for Mac OS X

learn flight an aircraft for free with your Mac using simulation mode in FlightGear software, to be able flying an aircraft you have to pay dearly for the course or school flight, but with FlightGear you can learn to flying an aircraft for free, even though not actually flying an aircraft, but FlightGear least can give you entertainment and education. FlightGear is a flight simulator for mac, which can gives you experience of flying an aircraft which are simulated with your Mac. FlightGear has a world scenery database that extensive and accurate. Allowing you to feel flying an aircraft to around the world.

FlightGear - flight simulator for mac

FlightGear - flight simulator for mac

FlightGear has been equipped with various types of aircraft such as the 1903 Wright Flyer, strange flapping wing “ornithopters”, a 747 and A320, Various military jets, and light Several singles. You are also allowed to design your own aircraft that fully operational, this flight simulator for mac has been implementing accurate time of day modeling with correctly placed sun, moon, stars, and planets for the specified time and date. FlightGear can track the current computer clock time in order to correctly place the sun, moon, stars, etc. in their current and proper place relative to the earth.  A world scenery database that contained in this FlightGear include,

  • Over 20,000 real world airports included in the full scenery set.
  • Correct runway markings and placement, correct runway and approach lighting.
  • Taxiways available for many larger airports (even including the green center line lights when appropriate.)
  • Sloping runways (runways change elevation like they usually do in real life.)
  • Directional airport lighting that smoothly changes intensity as your relative view direction changes.
  • Accurate terrain worldwide, based on the most recently released SRTM terrain data.) 3 arc second resolution (about 90m post spacing) for North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.
  • Scenery includes all vmap0 lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, cities, towns, land cover, etc.
  • Nice scenery night lighting with ground lighting concentrated in urban areas (based on real maps) and headlights visible on major highways. This allows for
  • realistic night VFR flying with the ability to spot towns and cities and follow roads.
  • Scenery tiles are paged (loaded/unloaded) in a separate thread to minimize the frame rate hit when you need to load new areas.

You can play with your friends in a local area network, using a Multi-player protocol that has been available on this flight simulator for mac.  A number of networking options allow FlightGear to communicate with other instances of FlightGear, GPS receivers, external flight dynamics modules, external autopilot or control modules, as well as other software such as the Open Glass Cockpit project and the Atlas mapping utility. FlightGear is an open source project that allows you to get FlightGear software for Free copy, you can also help the development of FlightGear software.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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