TrashMagic – Mac Trash Recovery

Don’t let your data in the trash go away after the emptied, often mistakes deleting files on the hard drive leads us to a nightmare, if it ever happens to you, then you need to really protect the data on your Mac hard drive. Any files that you have delete on the mac hard drive, will go in the trash, which allows you to restore a files to the location before on your hard drive, but if you have completely emptied the Trash, then the files are located in the Trash will be completely lost and unrecoverable. You never know what other people do, such as child, wife or sister when using your Mac, it is possible for them to do mistakes like deleting files that is very important to you, and you already emptied the trash, do not let it it happens. Try to use a mac trash recovery software like TrashMagic that can help you to protect you from bad things like that, TrashMagic can restore files that have been deleted from the Trash to your Mac hard drive.

TrashMagic - mac trash recovery

TrashMagic - mac trash recovery

TrashMagic is a mac trash recovery software that can automate backups of content on the Trash. So when you have completely emptied the Trash, you can easily restore any files that you have deleted. TrashMagic contains a protection engine that runs permanently and copy any file you moved to the Trash into a specific cache. So whenever you empty the Trash, you can easily to restore any files that have been erased in trash. TrashMagic allows you to drag and drop files into the finder to restore a files. You will not find a complex settings in using MagicTrash, because this mac trash recovery software is very simple and easy to use.

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