Contact Book – Contacts Management Software for Mac

Managing contacts everyone you know to maintain a good relationships and stay connected with them is a good thing to do. If you are starting a career in small business, trust me you will need a contacts manager to each your customer, to assist you in managing  contacts that you have, you can use software that can do well and can keep your contacts are safe, such as Contact Book software. Contact Book is a contact management software for Mac that allows you to be able to manage contacts with very good, you can enter any details information about people that you know, such as business relations, friends, Family and others.

Contact Book - contact management software for Mac

Contact Book - contact management software for Mac

Contact Book can do auto sync with Address Book on  Mac, allowing you to automatic transfer or export the data contacts in the Address Book into Contact book software. You can create categories for any contacts you have, allowing you to store a set of contacts in a Category, the example you want to create a category name ‘ BUSINESS ‘ that will be filled by a contact list of your business relationships. This contact management software for mac have a 3 ways to search for contacts even a slideshow version. Contact Book have the graphic user interface is modern and simple, you also will not require complicated instructions to use it.

You can add any social networking information into  your contacts, and also you can enter additional specific information to each contact. Other default information that you can enter into any contacts that you have is, addresses, phone numbers, website addresses, personal details and Photo profile. You can easily add and remove contacts in the Contact Book. This contact management software for mac is only available in English language, and does not yet support multilingual. Contact Book can works on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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