K9 Web Protection – internet filter for mac

filter out a website address on the internet is a very easy, Mac OS X itself has put a feature to filter out the site address that you think is not worthy to be visited by you and your family, to be able to filter out the site address on the internet by using features that are embedded by the Mac OS X you can read the post How to block websites on a mac. But as the development of information technology today, a growing number of websites on the internet that should not be visited by your family especially the children. It’s very ridiculous to filter website address one by one that are you going to block on your mac. To facilitate you in filtering out sites address on the internet you can use the software that has been widely available on the internet, such as K9 Web Protection.

K9 Web Protection - internet filter for mac

K9 Web Protection - internet filter for mac

K9 Web Protection is a internet filter for mac that allows you to easily filter out the site address is based on the category that you want, K9 Web Protection provides a full range categories of site address to be filtered, not only provide a list categories of sites address that a lot of blocked, such as adult sites and dating sites or similar, but also provides a list of general categories. K9 Web Protection have a Web filtering technology that can recognize and categorize Web content  even if it does not yet exist in K9 Web Protection database. And K9 Web Protection technology is also highly accurate, because K9 Web Protection can apply a detailed set of criteria to characterize every site that is requested. this internet filter for mac also provides a NightGuard features that enabling you to allow or block web access during Certain times of the day.

In addition to filtering out sites on the internet address, K9 Web Protection also serves as an Internet security, which can protect your Mac from malicious content in real time, although it can protect your Mac from Internet threats, K9 Web Protection is not antivirus, anti-spam or firewall software. K9 Web Protection is a Web filter That Determines where the computer user can go inside your Web browser. You can use third party  antivirus for mac or anti spyware for mac  in conjunction with K9 Web Protection. This internet filter for mac has also supported safe search on various  leading search engines as a way to block search results for offensive topics.

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