Abacus Accounts – Accounting Software for Mac

manage bookkeeping and accounts for each kind of business that you manage is a smart decision in the process to grow up your business, by managing bookkeeping and accounts on a regular basis, it’s can prevent from various mis financial calculations of your company. To facilitate you in carrying out of bookkeeping for your company, is a clever solution to use Software, has a lot of software available that you can use to manage your company’s bookkeeping and accounts, one of them is Abacus Accounts software, which is an accounting software for mac and the application allows you to be able to manage bookkeeping and accounts company very well.

Abacus Accounts - accounting software for mac

Abacus Accounts - accounting software for mac

Abacus Accounts is a accounting software for mac that is very flexible and  suitable for various types of business or corporate accounts, with license price is quite cheap, Abacus Accounts are also very suitable for you who are just starting a business or starting a small business, with Abacus Accounts you can adjust various types of accounts in accordance with your business, Abacus accounts allow to be used up to three companies or businesses simultaneously. This accounting software for mac can be used worldwide with different of VAT / GST rates that can be adjusted, Abacus Accounts easy enough to use for those of you who are experienced in using similar software or a new user, Abacus Accounts have also been equipped with a help page, which will guide you in using Abacus Accounts software.

Abacus Accounts is likely to be able to create and print customer invoices and use your own branding as a company logo, Company name and company address. Abacus Accounts can help you in viewing account registers, reconciling bank accounts, tracking customer / supplier balances, VAT (or GST), if required, and end of year reports. By using this accounting software for mac, you will get updated and enhanced features for free for a period of time. Abacus Accounts can works well on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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