Median Document Organizer – Mac Document Management Software

Median Document Organizer is one of the main mac document management software that can assist you in managing a thousands of documents that you have on your mac, with median Document Organizer, allows you to manage a documents that related to each category, thousands different types of documents on your Mac hard drive, can be managed with easy and simple steps. By managing a hundreds or even a thousands of documents that contained in your Mac, you can make it easier to search and find a documents and create a more orderly arrangement of your documents.

Median Document Organizer - Mac document management software

Median Document Organizer - Mac document management software

You can manage your documents on a mac using the median Document Organizer by creating a tag as a mark for the relevant documents, you can import multiple file types into a tag that has been created with ease and have to support drag and drop, you can provide a comments and titles for each files that you store in the median Document Organizer. This Mac document management software has an interface that is simple and easy to use, Median Document Organizer can works on Mac OS X10.6 or later with 64-bit processors.

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