Google SketchUp – Powerful Modeling & CAD Program For Mac OS X

Google SketchUp is powerful CAD program for Macintosh computer with Mac OS X based, developed by Google to support their related software, including Google 3D warehouse and Google Earth

Google SketchUp is a CAD program for Macintosh that are free and powerful enough to be used as 3D modeling program, currently, Google SketchUp has reached version 8, and there are more and more features that will facilitate every users in creating 3D modeling, Google SketchUp is designed not only for architecture or civil engineer, but Google SketchUp can also be used by filmmakers and game developers. Google SketchUp has two versions in each release, consist of Google SketchUp free version and Google SketchUp Pro version, by using Google SketchUp Pro version you will get more powerful features that you can not find on the free version of Google SketchUp.

Google sketchUp - cad for macintosh | programs for macintosh

Google sketchUp – CAD For Macintosh Computer

Google SketchUp has been integrated with various other google services like google 3D warehouse, that allow you to find, share, and store 3D models like  buildings, bridges, houses, cars, and various other items commonly found around you everyday, this service is very helpful as inspiration in making 3D modeling before you go on project, in addition to integration between of Google SketchUp  and  Google 3d warehouse that also make you easy to collaborate with anyone in creating 3D modeling, you just upload your file to Google 3D warehouse and share to anyone who you want to make as collaborator. In addition, Google SketchUp has also integrated with Google Earth that allows you to put your 3D modeling that you’ve create on a right location by add geo-location into 3D model that you’ve create, and view it on google earth.

Google SketchUp in Action

Google SketchUp also has interface with the toolbox and menus that are very easy to use. You can see the demo video below to see Google SketchUp Pro version in action

Some difference between of Google SketchUp free version and Google SketchUp Pro version is the capability of exporting and importing file types, such as  3DS, DWG, DXF, FBX, OBJ, VRML, XSI file type  that you can not do if you’re using  Google SketchUp free version, for more Detailed differences between exporting and importing type files on the free version and pro version you can see the following table.

Google SketchUp Pro Version

  • export  3D models: 3DS, DWG, DXF, FBX, OBJ, VRML, XSI, KMZ, DAE
  • export 2D vectors: PDF, EPS, EPIX, JPEG, TIFF, PNG
  • Import  2D and 3D CAD files: DWG, DXF, DAE, KMZ, 3DS, DEM, DDF and image formats
  • Export 2D CAD files from LayOut: DWG, DXF

Google SketchUp Free Version

  • export 3D models: KMZ, DAE
  • export 2D vectors: JPEG, TIFF, PNG
  • Import 2D and 3D CAD files: KMZ, 3DS, DEM, DDF and image formats

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