Mach Desktop – Customize Your Mac Desktop

see a default Mac desktop every day sometimes is very boring, change the desktop wallpaper with a bit more exciting sometimes can make you smile, but sometimes what you did is was not enough, you want your mac desktop more look sophisticated and cool. Customize Mac desktop is not too difficult, there is some software that can help you, such as Mach Desktop, With Mach Desktop you can customize mac desktop with a very easy and can make your mac desktop feel more alive. Mach Desktop provides a various Quartz composition, quicktime movies, and web page that makes your mac desktop feel alive.

Mach Desktop - customize mac desktop

Mach Desktop - customize mac desktop

With Mach Desktop you can see an amazing waterfall, fireplace, aquarium, 3d particle systems, historic sites, and more, directly in your mac desktop, You can also freely choose the quartz composition, quicktime movie, and web pages to be placed on your mac desktop. In the latest version of  Mach Desktop, you can find a new feature that called Desklets, Desklets let you run shell commands, Images, and Text files on your Desktop. Desklets are very powerful and let you view and display all Kinds of information, you can completely customize the Desklets on your Mac desktop, such as customize the font face, size, style and background colors. Customize mac desktop would be easier and enjoyable by using Mach Desktop.

Mach Desktop has included more than 30 quartz compositions and 20 quicktime movie, Mach Desktop also has support for multiple monitors, you can easily switch the Mach Desktop on to off or vice versa from the menu bar. Using mach desktop to customize mac desktop is not difficult, you just prepare your imagination to be brought to your mac desktop. Mach Desktop can works on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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