Anime Studio Debut – Animation Software for Mac OS X

Anime Studio Debut is a 2D animation software for mac, which allows you to bring your imagination to life, Anime Studio Debut provides a variety of powerful tools that can assist you in creating 2D animations such as movies, cartoons, anime or cut out animations. With Anime Studio Debut you can produce your own 2D animation for film or video, such as making a short film or video ad. This animation software for mac has been providing a lot of content that you can load Anime Studio Debut work page , such as characters, props, scenry, background and more and all that you can customize as needed. In Anime Studio Debut is also available tool to draw a fairly complete.

Anime Studio Debut - animation software for mac

Anime Studio Debut - animation software for mac

Anime Studio Debut has provided a wizard character feature that can allows you to create your own unique characters in a snap, you can also customize your character that has been created as free as possible. Capture your friends or environment photos than put into Anime Studio Debut as part of an animated scene that you created, do not have to waste time to re-draw the picture that you catch, because Anime Studio Debut has an automatic tracing feature, which allows to import images or photos into animation scene and image will be automatic tracing and become editable within anime studio debut. This 2D animation software for Mac is suitable for you who is learn animation, because you will get a powerful animation features and the cheap price software.

With Anime Studio Debut you can provide the narrative with the lip syncing feature into the character you have created or you can import audio files that you have to add a vivid impression of animation that you create. Creating your character animate is very easy, Anime Studio Debut has provided Bones features that can help you quickly animate your characters, Just click-and-drag to overlay a skeleton onto your characters, then move the bones to animate in seconds. This Animation software for mac is capable exported your animation into the SWF, AVI and MOV format.

In addition to exporting video format files, Anime Studio Debut is also capable of importing video files with Quicktime, AVI and MPEG-4 video format. Allows you to combine animation that are you have created with video that you import into Anime Studio Debut work page. You can apply special effects like motion blur, cartoon, and shadows into your each animation frame. In order to produce animation such a professional, Anime Studio Debut can track, zoom and roll the camera, allowing you to create animations that look more natural and dynamic. This Animation software for mac has been providing support for pen tablet for drawing on paper, Anime Studio Debut can works on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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