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presentation is one of the main things that can determine your success when making a demo product, idea or service to your client, by presenting presentation an interactive and incredible, can provide effects of interest in the product, idea or service that you present to your client, a well-organized layout, and by giving a touch variety of effects into your presentation, it certainly will make your client smile, comfortable and enjoy your presentation. Very many mac presentation software that you can use, one of wich is keynote, which was developed by, who also serves as the sole developer of the Mac operating system do you currently use.

keynote - mac presentation software

keynote - mac presentation software

Keynote features and advantages are things that do not need you doubt, has been known for products that have a graphical user interface is modern and sophisticated, such as Mac OS X that are you currently use, Keynote has been equipped with 44 impressive presentation design theme that was designed by its developers. Once you have determined your design theme that will be used for presentations, you can freely add, remove and replace the content such as text and graphics with words and images that you own, not just text and images that you can add into the keynote , but also includes charts, Photos, Video, tables and shape. Keynote is a Mac presentation software that is perfect for you.

let your Presentation Canvas only move from page to another without moving and animated objects on the presentation canvas is a bad idea, give your client experience while see to your presentations by give animation and Cinematic Transitions into the object on the presentation canvas like magic move, Text Transitions, Object-driven Transitions, Text and object animations, A to B action builds to move and change objects on a slide, Smart builds with drop zones, which is all that you can easily add into object on the keynote presentation canvas. this Mac presentation software can record a narration to add interactive effect into a presentation that you create. As the apple presentation software,  keynote capable of integrating with other apple products,such as the iPhone and iPod touch, allows you to control the presentation that is currently shown remotely by using iPhone and iPod touch.

This presentation software for Mac allows you to be imported and exported Microsoft Powerpoint files, you can also directly send presentation that you have created by keynote as a Powerpoint file, keynote file or pdf file into email. Some of the multimedia files that you can import into  keynote including, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, EPS, PDF, AIFF, MP3, AAC, and MOV, any multimedia file that you can import into keynote is can be size optimized. This mac presentation software can export a presentation that you created into a format QuickTime, iPod, PDF, HTML, and image files. Keynote has been available on some Mac OS X versions.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 26, 2013

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