Dragon Dictate – Mac Speech Recognition

Dragon Dictate is a Mac speech recognition software that allows you to be able to enter text just by speaking, no need to move your fingers on the keyboard or drag the mouse to control your favorite Mac programs, simply by speaking in front of the mic that is connected to your Mac, With Dragon Dictate you can Produce reports, emails, articles, books, research notes, online content, and more Quickly, easily, and accurately. And great new features mean you’ll get even more done, faster. Using Mac speech recognition software can make you more productive and can work in multitask.

With Dragon dictate, you just use your voice to Produce text, simply by speaking in the front of mic that is connected to your Mac and automatically your words will appear on your favorite Mac programs such as Microsoft Word 2011 for mac. Dragon dictate can produce text very accurate, so you should not be afraid if Dragon dictate give you a different text from the words you have said. With this Mac speech recognition software, you can create and customize your own vocabulary and voice command That Reflect the kind of work you do.

Dragon Dictate allows you to Tell your Mac what to do, like “Reply To This email” or “Open office application” or “Jump To Google” to work faster and smarter. Create voice commands That Automate complex workflows on your Mac. Dragon dictate can be integrated with the iPhone and iPod, allowing you to make iPhone and iPod into a wireless microphone for use with Dragon Dictate on your Mac, by using the free Dragon Remote Microphone software that you can download it for free on the Mac app store. This Mac speech recognition software can works on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow leopard or Mac OS X 10.7 Lion with Intel based processors.

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