Video Flow – Desktop Video Capture for Mac OS X

Capture what happens on your Mac screen and save it into a video file that you can play anytime, can be done by software that has the ability to do that, such as Video Flow, that is a video capture for mac, different with Onde ScreenCapture  which is only capable of producing image in the capture screen action, capture video on your Mac screen using video Flow can be used for various purposes, such as creating video tutorials, software demonstrations, training, presentation, or just for entertainment such as record streaming video on mac screen, allowing you to does not need to download streaming video such as youtube, dailymotion, and Vimeo to enjoy videos as offline, simply by record streaming video on mac screen using the video Flow.

Video Flow - video capture for mac

Video Flow - video capture for mac

Video Flow is also capable to capture video camera and microphone that connected to your mac, also computer audio such as music that you are currently play with iTunes or other can you capture with easy using Video Flow, you can do editing for your video with Video Capture Flow, such as add additional images, text , video and music, and includes some transitions to produce videos that look more professional. When video  you are ready, you can easily publish to the Internet site, save it to your hard drive, or directly burn it to DVD using iDVD or by using third party DVD burner for mac . Video Flow is a video capture for mac that gives you many benefits over features.

With the Video Flow you can capture video at full screen size or just a few area on your Mac screen. This Video capture for mac is able to give you a three video format that is generated, that is H264, MP4 and animation. In the Video Flow editor window you can easily to Customize animations and brush up your video text or photo with special effects, split video, copy video, cut your video element. Video Flow have the graphic user interface that you can easily to use, Video Flow can works on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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