iFunia DVD Ripper – Ripping DVD on the Mac

iFunia DVD Ripper allows you to backup dvd to hard drive, with iFunia DVD Ripper you can easily convert various media files that come from the DVD, such as audio and video. When you have a precious moment recording videos on a DVD, and you think to save the videos as a backup on your Mac hard drive with using iFunia DVD Ripper is the right choice for ripping dvds on mac. iFunia DVD Ripper can extract DVD tracks into a video or audio format files, and allows you to directly convert to various popular portable devices format.

iFunia DVD Ripper - ripping dvds on mac

iFunia DVD Ripper - ripping dvds on mac

iFunia DVD Ripper has supported 1080 HD video output, which allows you to rip DVD with excellent quality, and very smooth when viewed on the Apple TV or iPad. Some of the HD format that has been supported iFunia DVD Ripper is, HD H.264 Video (*. Mp4), HD MPEG-4 Video (*. Mp4), HD MOV Video (*. Mov), MKV HD Video (*. Mkv) , HD MPEG2 Video (*. mpg), HD ASF Video (*. asf), HD AVI Video (*. avi), HD WMV Video (*. wmv), HD FLV Video (*. flv), HD MPEG2 TS Video (*. ts). with iFunia DVD Ripper software, ripping dvds on mac activities would be very easy.

In addition to the HD format that has supported by iFunia DVD Ripper, a current popular standard defintion format has also been supported, such as H.264 Video (*. Mp4), MPEG-4 Video (*. Mp4) MPEG2 PS Video (*. Mpg ), DVD MPEG2 PS Format (*. vob), Super VideoCD MPEG2 PS Format (*. mpg), MPEG1 Video (*. mpg), MOV-QuickTime Video (*. mov), M4V, iTunes Store Video (*. m4v ), ASF-Advanced Streaming Format (*. asf), AVI-Audio-Video Interleaved (*. avi). ripping dvds on mac would be nice with optimized format for a variety of popular portable devices such as iPad, iPad 2, The new iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch, Apple TV, and more.

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