The T-Pain Engine – Beat Making Software for Mac

The T-Pain Engine is one of the main beat making software for mac that allows you to make a cool beat. Whether you’re a music maker, Disc jockey or rapper musician, make a beat would be a very fun activity using the T-Pain Engine, you will be easy to make a cool beat, recording vocals, Insert effects into your music and voice, and share a new song that you made in social networking site, such as soundCloud, facebook, twitter and various other social network site.

The T-Pain Engine - Beat making software for mac

The T-Pain Engine - Beat making software for mac

With The T-Pain Engine, you can create music with simple equipment, enough with the Mac Internal microphone, Mac speakers, and basic earbuds, that’s enough for you to make music with The T-Pain Engine, if you have the External Headphones and Microphone (line-in or USB, or an XLR connection with an audio interface for highest quality) you can make a better music. On this beat making software for Mac, you can choose a hundreds of beat that you can mix with vocals or music your own, you can also create your own beat if you are not satisfied with a beat that is available on The T-Pain  Engine.

Available mix control to balance your vocal volume levels with existing beat, add T-pain effects into your sound to get a cool sound. With this  beat making software for mac  you can add and remove the pattern to change your songs length or arrange a new song from scratch. Each beat on the T-Pain Engine provides a full set of patterns that correspond to song parts like Intro, Verse, and Chorus. The T-Pain Engine can works on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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