TaskInsight – Task Manager for Mac

Due to the variety of activity, can cause you to forget some work to do and makes you less productive, manage tasks neatly can increase your productivity indirectly, so you will realize that many of you have to do, and faster in completing a job , to assist you in managing tasks, maybe you should try Software that can help you to manage tasks, TaskInsight is one of the main task manager for mac that you can use, comes with various features to facilitate you in managing tasks or to do list.

TaskInsight - task manager for mac

TaskInsight - task manager for mac

TaskInsight is perfect to enhance your business and productivity, because with TaskInsight you can see a list of tasks you have to do at a time. This Task manager for Mac can display a list of tasks in the Timeline, allowing you to create a list of tasks to be done for the time period that you have previously specified, is ideal for you who often finish work late, and will make you more productive, because you will see various list of tasks you have to do next and have to get it over with.

The Task manager for mac is quite complex and has many features, such as List and Detail views, color-coded priorities, labels, several date/time fields, sorting, drag and drop, copy and paste, undo and redo, import and export TSV and XML, export HTML5 Canvas, AppleScript support, customizable views, many keyboard shortcuts, text-to-speech, document path and web URL support, and many more features. With TaskInsight you can print and print to PDF document format your list of tasks that have been created, Managing the task would be very easy with TaskInsight. This Task manager for mac has been supporting for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and you can also use at Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.

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