CrossOver – Run Microsot Windows Programs on the Mac OS X

many ways that can you do to run windows programs on mac, such as by using multiboot OS techniques, which allows you to install several different operating systems in one mac machine, to find out more about multiboot OS in one mac machine you might want to read the previous post about ” How To MultiBoot on Mac ( Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu ) “, another way to run windows programs on mac is by using the windows emulator for mac such as VMware Fusion, using windows emulator techniques to run windows programs on mac is fairly simple, allowing you to install the windows operating system on your Mac OS X desktop, using windows emulator technique will consume lots of CPU and can slowing your Mac performance, to find out more about windows emulator  maybe you should read the post ” VMware Fusion – windows emulator for mac “.

CrossOver - run windows programs on mac

CrossOver - run windows programs on mac

Another way that is effective enough to run windows programs on mac is by using CrossOver software, CrossOver software different from the emulator like VMware fusion, that require Windows operating system installation as a requirement to run windows programs on mac, with CrossOver you can enjoy many windows programs on mac, without having to install windows operating system first as its environment, With CrossOver, your windows programs can integrate seamlessly with Mac OS X, just click and run. No rebooting, no switching to a windows emulator, and no Windows Operating System license required. CrossOver can run popular windows programs on mac, and can also run a variety of  Windows Games on Mac.

CrossOver is a commercial version from Wine, which has been present prior to CrossOver as a windows programs emulator, which allow you to run windows programs on mac, Wine developed as open source and can you use freely, both windows programs emulator of this have the similar functions, but CrossOver have the advantage features that you can not find on Wine, like, one-click for Windows programs, graphical installer for Windows programs, portable virtual Windows environments, Seamlessly integrates with  Mac desktop, product support and consistently tested a supported application. CrossOver can works on Mac OS X 10.6 or later with Intel-based processors.

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