Skype Recorder 2.0: Skype Call Recorder for Mac OSX

Skype is a VoIP provider that has been serving customers all over the world, with Skype allows you to make calls to mobile numbers and fixed-line on your Mac via the Internet connection, Skype is also able to make calls to other Skype users for free, other than, Skype can do video calls between Skype users although different continents. While using Skype to make voice calls, sometimes you want to record it because the conversations are very important, to be able to do that you can use the Skype Recorder 2.0 software, a Skype call recorder for Mac.

Skype Recorder 2.0 - Skype call recorder mac


Skype Recorder 2.0 allows you to record voice conversations when making voice calls using the Skype, With Skype Recorder 2.0 software you can automatically record conversations on each Skype incoming or outgoing calling on your Mac. Skype Recorder 2.0 software can produce audio recordings files in MP3 format which is pretty good, with a choice of bitrate 64 kbits and 32 bits, you can also keep the original call audio recording file in WAV format without first convert it to MP3 and edit it later with your favorite audio editor.

Skype call recorder for Mac is already integrated with Gmail and FTP, allowing your Mac to upload automatically a voice calls recordings file in Mp3 format to your Gmail account via secure SMTP +  SSL protocol. Besides being able to upload the voice calls recordings file in Mp3 format to a gmail account, Skype Recorder 2.0 software is also able to upload voice calls recordings file to a predefined FTP server via FTP protocol. If you do not need a Skype Recorder 2.0 is able to automatically upload the recording Skype calls, you can turn off the feature.

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Date: October 24, 2014

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