Adobe Premiere: Best Video Editing Software for Mac

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of Video editing software for Mac that has been widely used by Hollywood movie makers, and has been used to produce professional movies with a very impressive visual effects. With the excellent capability, making the Adobe Premiere Pro become as video editing software for Mac that very expensive, that is almost USD $799.00, If you are a professional movie maker, then it’s price is not something matter, but if you are a student, video editor freelance, or just starting a small business of movie studio, the license price that offered by Adobe Premiere Pro might be a big problem, and for the solution, you can use the Adobe Premiere Elements, that is a lite version of the Adobe Premiere Pro and has much cheaper price.


Video editing software for Mac


With many features that offered by the Adobe Premiere Elements, it will be enough for beginner to edit video, the latest Adobe Premiere Elements  is Adobe Premiere Elements 10. Adobe Premiere Elements give you the great experience of video editing, you have the option to optimize HD (high definition) and SD (Standard definition) video editing, or you can also optimize video for portable devices like smart phones, iPad, PSP and more. You can also easily share the videos that you’ve been edited, into a variety of your favorite social network sites like facebook and Youtube.

Adobe Premiere Elements can integrate with other product if you need it, such as Adobe Photoshop Elements. With Adobe Premiere Elements, it’s very easily if you want to add images, transition effects, disc menus, and a variety of customization feature to make your video more amazing. This Video editing software for Mac is able to process various video format outputs such as a DVD, HD video, Tape and the web. Adobe Premiere Elements 10 has been improved, by using Adobe mercury playback engine, which is able to supports 64-bit of Mac OS X natively, allowing you to work in high resolution projects, open projects faster, scrub through HD and higher -resolution footage more fluidly, and play back complex long-format and effects-heavy projects more reliably.

Adobe Premiere Elements 10 allows you to edit the high resolution project with your standard Mac, with the ability to adjust playback resolution at source or at monitor program. Adobe Premiere Elements 10 has supported natively DSLR camera, allowing you to import and edit video from the Nikon D90, D300s, and D3000 DSLR cameras. Adobe Premiere Elements is able to improve video color, lighting, and smoothed video according to your desires, Adobe Premiere Elements allows you to import various multi-media formats to be combined with the video that you edit, such as audio, Mp3, image, animation, and more. And there is also many features that will you get in Adobe Premiere Elements 10 to help you easier to edit video. To be able using this video editing software for Mac, you should have Multicore Intel processor with 1GB or 2GB of minimum RAM if you want to edit with HDV and HD video.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: April 25, 2014

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