Speed ​​Download: Internet Download Manager for Mac OS X

If you are previously using a PC with windows operating system before you switch to a Mac, you probably familiar with internet download manager,  a software that serves as a download accelerator which is can be integrated with web browser as a third-party add-on to replace web browser task in downloading files on the internet, A software like an internet download manager is also available on the Mac OS X, and Speed ​​Download software is one of them, Speed ​​Download has many features and advantages as an Internet download manager for Mac, Speed ​​Download combines about four best features in one software.

Four the best features that offered by Speed ​​Download software is a turbo-charged download manager with auto-resuming downloads, a fully featured secure FTP client, a file sharing utility with full encryption, and complete .Mac/iDisk/WEBDAV connectivity. Currently Speed ​​Download software has reach version 5, of course with various improvements, such as a new interface that is more simpler and cleaner, and easier to use. This internet download manager for Mac is able to improve the performance of speed when you downloading files from the Internet, this Internet download manager for Mac will split any files that you download into small pieces, and will put it back together after downloading files complete.

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Internet Download Manager for Mac OS X


Speed ​​Download software is also capable to auto-resume downloads, allowing you to temporary stop download process, and continued in next time without repeating again from beginning, as long as the file you download is still available on the server. This internet download manager for Mac can be integrated into various popular web browsers that compatible with Mac OS X. Speed ​​Download software is possible to use for FTP, and WebDAV file sharing, and can be integrated with MobileMe, so you can uninstall Mac program like FTP client and WebDAV client that you use before, because the Speed ​​Download software has provide it for you.

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For security reasons, when you share files via FTP, MobileMe and WebDAV, Speed ​​Download software will add encryption to your files. This download manager for Mac is also has been integrated with an RSS reader, allowing you to track your favorite website updates. This Download manager for Mac can also be used to download Youtube videos, so you do not have to bother to install separate Youtube video downloader on your Mac, because Speed ​​Download software can do it easily. Speed ​​Download software is compatible with the Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.

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Date: October 24, 2014

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