ezBusiness – Small Business Software for Mac

Starting a small business is a pretty good idea, using every opportunity to make your better future, start a small business requires seriousness, to assist you in managing a small business, you will need a variety of tools, including a software, that can assist you in managing your business, if you start a small business on trade,  maybe ezBusiness software can be the choice to help you in management your small business. In the small business software for mac There are functions that can help your small businesses growing up and make it more professional.

ezBusiness -  small business software for mac

ezBusiness - small business software for mac

Features that brought by ezBusiness including, Point of Sales (POS), inventory, and sales management, it is perfect to help growing up your small business, and all of these features have been equipped with a search engine and shopping cart for processing sales. In the small business software for mac has been there Barcode reader, which allows you to scan metadata through the barcodes that has been provided and will be displayed on ezBusiness screen window. ezBusiness can easily manage your sales and inventory, as well as you can views sales and profits by monthly, weekly and daily.

With ezBusiness you no longer need to use invoicing software for mac, Because they have been included therein. You can easily personalize your own receipts and invoices. ezBusiness allows you to undo any purchase or sets of purchases, you can put the tax rate or fees in various categories of sales. ezBusiness is all in one small business software for mac, which will assist you in growing up your small businesses become more professional, ezBusiness can works on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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