How to Make PDF Document on Mac with Simple Steps

For Mac users, create a PDF file is not a difficult thing, pdf stands for portable document format, portable document that is a cross platform document, you can open a pdf document on any operating system, all you need is a PDF reader software that you can download for free at various sites on the internet. When you use Mac OS X, to create a PDF document, you do not need a pdf creator software for Mac, because Mac OS X already provides features to create a PDF document.

how to make pdf on mac with simple steps

how to make pdf on mac with simple steps

Almost in a lot of programs for mac has been providing facilities for printing, the facility can be utilized to create a PDF document with easy on the Mac. As an example we will create PDF documents in Mac OS X with a word processing software for mac, such as Microsoft Word, or other software that have facilities for Print, just follow the steps below.

  1. create a new file or open and edit documents that have been prepared.
  2. Then select the file menu, then select sub menu ‘ Print ‘, or you can use the keyboard shortcut by simply pressing Command + P
  3. Notice the bottom left on the dialog window, there is a PDF button, then click the button.
  4. This will bring up various options, you just click ‘ save as PDF ‘
  5. Type the desired file name as the name of your PDF document.
  6. Choose a storage location as desired
  7. If all is ready, select ‘Save’

And now you have a PDF document that you are ready to publish, this way you can use in other programs for mac by using the print facility.

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