Bean – Word Processor App for Mac OS X

Bean is a word processor for mac that is very simple and easy to use, and does not a very complex word processor application for mac such as Microsoft Word for Mac or iWork, with Bean you will not find many of the toolbox to customize the content of your writing on a document, Bean is very small and fast, making Bean starts up quickly, otherwise it Bean is an open source project , where you can go develop it or use it freely. Many limitations on this word processor for mac, but bean enough to simply word processor.

Bean - word processor for mac

Bean - word processor for mac

In various limitations, Bean is able to open some documents that have been created by other word processor software for mac, some format file documents that can be opened by Bean is .Rtf, .Rtfd, .Bean, plain text, .Webarchive format, .Doc Microsoft word, .docx Microsoft word 2007, .odt, .html, and .pdf. Several formats that have been supported by Bean can not be fully displayed perfectly, you can see detailed compatibility on Bean’s official website. This word processor for Mac is equipped with a live word count, allowing you to keep track the number of characters you have typed, or just check the number of characters that exist in a document.

With Bean, you can create a template document with boilerplatetext, this word processor for Mac is also equipped with headers and footers form, Bean has also been provided for your editing options for text, paragraph style, color, font size, etc. with Bean you to create web pages with ease. With this word processor for mac, you can save documents at any time and reopen it for editing next time. Bean can work well on Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.7, but to use it on Mac OS X 10.4  you t use an older version of the Bean.

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