Minitube – Youtube Desktop Client App for Mac

Minitube can give you the experience of watching youtube videos directly from your Mac desktop without opening a browser, you can enjoy youtube videos play automatically, Minitube is a youtube desktop app for Mac that is very simple, just like you open a youtube site directly through a browser, Minitube able to present videos youtube whatever you like by using a keyword search, search for youtube channel or just paste youtube URL link.

Minitube - youtube desktop app for Mac

Minitube - youtube desktop app for Mac

By using Minitube you can maintain a longer battery life (if you use a MacBook), because this youtube desktop app for Mac only consumes less CPU, that is because Minitube using Quicktime and does not use Flash Player which consume lots of CPU and can deplete battery faster. Minitube able to play video up to 1080p and has supported full screen, and can give you a video that is very smooth.

This youtube desktop app for Mac is able to accompany boredom while you working or accompany while you relax, let Minitube play music from various your favorite musicians on youtube for free. You just enjoy it by sitting on the sofa. Minitube can be enjoyed on more than 30 languages​​, including Germany, Indonesian, French, Italian, Danish, Spanish and more. Minitube can work on Mac OS X 10.6. or later.

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