Cashculator: Personal Finance Software for Mac

Cashculator is the best way to track your cash flow, Cashculator is a personal finance software for mac That can help you to manage your financial budget for a better future, with Cashculator, you can set your financial goals by planning your future by taking a smart decision for each use of your cash flow. Cashculator is a smart application that you can use with ease, Cashcualtor have a graphic user interface is very simple. Cashculator provide a Free version that you can use freely, but with some limited features.

Cashculator - personal finance software for mac

Cashculator - personal finance software for mac

Cashculator different from the personal finance software for mac mostly, which provide a very complex feature with many dialog box or require configuration application and account application, you don’t need it. Cashculator designed for people who want to have quick and easy way to keep track of their budget at any time. Casculator is the simplest way to manage your cash flow, to obtain a better future.

With Cashculator you can easily split the purchase into multiple payments, Forecasting based on budget or on average of your actual spending, Easy budgeting – planned expenses separate from the actual ones and compare them, Easy “what-if” scenarios: duplicate your existing financial plan, make changes (ie increase of salary, add trip abroad) and graphically compare to the existing plan. This personal finance software for mac available in multiple language support like English, germany, Italian, Russian and japanense, Cashculator can work on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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